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International Shipping Policy

The website accepts orders from most countries outside the United States. We maintain the right to discontinue selling our products to any individual country.  Due to the complexity of legalities and international import regulations on nutritional supplements, international Customers must agree to our International Customer Policy in order to place an order for shipment outside of the United States.  The Company does not assume any responsibility for custom duty charges or regulations for countries outside of the United States.  Please allow a minimum of 4-6 weeks for international shipping and customs clearance.

International Customer Policy


Some countries impose restrictions on the importation of certain supplements. Please research your country’s rules and regulations for the importation of N-Acetyl Cysteine and Sarcosine. If either supplement is restricted in your country, it will likely be returned, impounded, or destroyed, and the package will not reach its destination. If you order ProFrontal, you agree not to hold us responsible should you not receive your shipment or suffer any financial loss as a result of your attempt to import this product. If you order internationally and you do not receive your item, our responsibility to you will only extend so far as to demonstrate by USPS tracking or customs declaration number to prove shipment of the package. Our responsibility does not include tracking investigation in countries outside the US or beyond the scope of the US Postal Service.  We can only issue a refund of your purchase price once the package is returned to us. Returned international shipments can take 6-10 weeks.


Shipping charges will not be refunded.

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