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Enhances Memory, Focus, & Executive Function*

“Sarcosine has had positive results in improving cognitive symptoms in numerous Randomized

Controlled Trials.”


3Asarcosine Regulates prolfrontal brain.

Sarcosine is a Competitive Inhibitor of the Type 1 Glycine Transporter (GlyT1) and an NMDAR glycine site co-agonist

(López- Corcuera et al., 1998)  (Zhang et al., 2009).

It safely activates the NMDA Receptor and avoids excitotoxicity issues associated with Glutamate.

Sarcosine breakdown results in Glycine, further increasing concentrations in the brain.

Clinical studies were identified evaluating the effects of glycine site modulators in healthy participants as well as in participants with mood disorders (both bipolar and unipolar depression), anxiety and related disorders (including OCD and PTSD) and major neurocognitive disorders (i.e., Alzheimer's disease).


These proofs-of concept clinical trials revealed promising results in support of NMDAR glycine site agonists having transdiagnostic antidepressant and

pro-cognitive effects.

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Naturally Safe:


Sarcosine is an amino acid found naturally in our bodies. It is considered a safe food additive and is already in many common household products. It hasn’t shown toxicity, even in high concentrations. 


is the only available

Glycine Transporter Type 1 (GlyT1) Inhibitor *

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